Curriculum Vitae

Durnford King is a graduate of Ryerson University in Toronto. As a writer and director, he has worked on a wide variety of television specials and series, and directed several stage productions including “The Maids” by Genet.

In addition to creating television advertising and entertainment, he is active in the environmental and social justice movement. He was a member of the working board of the Earth Communications Office, a media organization which draws upon some of the biggest names in film and television entertainment to create Public Service Announcement in support of the environment. King has also done pro bono work on local environmental and public health and safety issues. In 2001 he produced the video, “Greed, Gridlock and Gas, The Playa Vista Story” and is about to begin production on a follow-up video.

He is married and has two children. His wife Laurel is about to have her third book published in the field of parenting and education and is an in-demand speaker at educational and parenting conferences all over the country.


“Oscar Peterson's Canadiana Suite"
CBC TELEVISION Network (Canada)
One-Hour Special
International EMMY Nomination

“Something Else”
One Hour Pop Music Series
Winner Cannes TV Festival – Best Music Series

Frank Sinatra Family and Friends
CBS Television Network

Hundreds of Television Commercials for Major Advertisers
Advertising Awards – New York, Hollywood, Canada, Europe
Thirty music Videos


“Queen of Swords”

“The Lost World”

“Highlander, The Raven”

“The Highlander"

“The Hitchhiker"


“Beyond Reality"

“Friday the 13th"

“War of the Worlds"

“The Adventures of the Black Stallion"

Two-Hour Special on Stuntmen

Pilot for "An Evening At The Improv"
Starring Billy Crystal